Map and Compass


May 5, 2018

Times: 8:30-4:30pm

Cost: $135 (plus HST)

Map and Compass Course

Location: St. George Ontario. West of Hamilton.



This comprehensive course focuses on land navigation using a topographical map and compass. Theory items will be enhanced with practical exercises. Students will participate in a multi-function orienteering exercise to find "targets" in the bush using map and compass skills learned in the course.

The course is taught by Joe Bourgeois, owner of Akuni Adventures, and Kevin Morning of the Canadian Armed Forces.


No previous skills required. An adventurous spirit is an asset.

Physical Difficulty:

Walking through thick bush at times up to 1km on uneven terrain.


Instruction and supporting material.

What's not Included:

Transportation, food, parking fees, or accommodation



-Use the Canadian National Topographical System (NTS) to choose the correct topographical map for the area of travel

-Identify topographical map margin information

-Identify features on a map

-Understand map scale and calculate distance

-Use Contour lines to identify the elevation of a location

-Identify general location on map

-Use Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates to identify location

-Use Geographical coordinates to identify location

-Use the correct north reference on the map.

-Identify map limitations


-Navigate with a map


-Understand the parts of a compass

-Correctly hold a compass

-Follow a bearing

-follow a reverse Bearing

-Understand Compass Inaccuracy

-Use a compass to become unlost

Navigate with Map and Compass:

-Understand declination

-Use triangulation to determine location

-Use the compass to determine location on a line

-Navigating using Map and Compass

-Use a map and compass to find targets in the bush

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