National Green Check GPS Certification Level 1 Course

Do you know what the numbers mean? Most people purchase a GPS and do not understand UTM numbers, latitude and longitude and how to relate the numbers to a map. This course will teach you to use a GPS unit based on the National Green Check GPS certification program. This popular program is designed for the beginner or intermediate user of GPS equipment. It is also used by Search and Rescue organizations, law enforcement, fire departments and EMS crews across North America.

The National Green Check GPS Certification Program specializes in GPS training. It was one of the first programs to promote "widely recognized" standards and conventions for GPS Certification. Green Check is a program of the Canadian Ecology Centre and its Foundation, a national, non-profit with charitable, education status.


No previous skills required. However, it is strongly recommended the candidate have solid map and compass skills before attending the course. Consider taking the Map and Compass course.


May 6, 2018

Time: 8:30am-4:30pm


$165 (plus HST)

National Green Check GPS Level 1 Course

Location:St. George Ontario. West of Hamilton.

Physical Difficulty:

Walking through thick bush at times.

What's Included:

Instruction and supporting material.

What's not Included:

Transportation, accommodation, food, parking fees

Course Content:

-The relationship between the map, the compass and the GPS unit and why you should use all three together.

-Reading UTM coordinates on a map.

-Reading Latitude and Longitude on a map.

-Identifying coordinates on a map in relationship to the GPS unit.

-Moving in a direction with a compass and your GPS unit.

-Understanding declination.

-Mark a waypoint or landmark.

-Traveling to a waypoint or landmark.

-Using the right map datum setting with a GPS unit.

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