ORCKA Canadian Style  Paddling Level 1 Tandem

Canadian Style Paddling level 1 is designed to perfect tandem paddling skills. It takes you beyond the basics and into style paddling. Recommend for those who want to eventually become instructors or those who are looking to bring their canoeing skills to a higher level.


ORCKA Basic Level, equivalent experience, or compatible skills and experience (with permission of the Course Director)


This course can be offered to groups of four or more. Contact the office if you would like us to run a course for you.

Times:  8:30am-4:30pm daily

Cost: $150 (plus HST)

Location: Earl Rowe Provincial Park, near Alliston Ontario

Physical Difficulty:

Long days in the canoe. Participant must be comfortable in water with lifejacket.

What's Included:

Canoe, paddle, lifejacket, safety equipment and instruction

What's not Included:

Transportation, food, parking fees, camp fees or accommodation


What is Style Paddling?:

In Style Paddling participants perform precision manuvours using pivots, circles, forward and reverse straight lines and sideways displacements. There is little room for error. This course brings you to a higher level of paddling then the Basic course.

I just want to learn to control a canoe for tripping:

If you want to learn or improve on the basics, weíd suggest you take the ORCKA Basic Canoe course. Style Paddling is more for those who are comfortable paddling a canoe but want to further improve their skills.

I want to become a canoe instructor:

You will need Style Paddling Level 1 and 2 certification to become an ORCA Canoe Tripping Instructor, a Moving Water Instructor or a Lakewater Instructor. It also qualifies you to take the Basic instructor course.

What should I expect on the Style Paddling course?:

The focus of this course is on the four core manuvours: pivots, circles, forward and reverse straight lines and sideways displacements and variations on these. For example; you will be expected to pivot your canoe within a 1.5 meter corridor with little rocking of the gunnels and maintaining a constant speed. Your instructor will teach you these skills as the course progresses.

Course Content:


-Canoe Heritage

-Canoe Design and Construction

-Canoeing dynamics

-Canoeing First Aid

-Canoeing Resources


-Swimming and treading water

-Retrieving a swamped canoe

-Canoe over canoe rescue

-Self rescue

-Line toss and rescue




-Sideward displacement


-Reverse and forward straight lines


-Triangular course in wind

-Slalom course




-All of the above except triangular course in wind and slalom course

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