ORCKA Combined Tripping 3, River Running 1A and Style Paddling 1

For those of you who want the ORCKA Canoe Tripping 3 certificate but lack some of the prerequisites then consider these combined courses. You can choose to take one, two or all three courses over the 8 days to obtain all your qualifications. This is a great way to get if all over and done with, and save money!

Here is how it works: you choose which courses you want to take over the 8 days (see pricing and dates below). All courses are normally run at Palmer Rapids Ontario near Barry's Bay. Bring your camping gear because we will be camping for all courses.

Alternative: If these dates do not work, you can save money by registering for the combined course and take the individual courses on separate dates. You have up to the end of the next calendar year to take a course:


This course can be offered to groups of four or more. Contact the office if you would like us to run a course for you.

Times: 8:30am-4:30pm


$750 (plus HST) Combined Tripping 3, River Running 1A, and Style Paddling 1

$675 (plus HST)Tripping 3 plus River Running 1A

$585 (plus HST) Tripping 3 plus Style Paddling 1A

For Individual course pricing see:

ORCKA Style Paddling 1

ORCKA River Running 1

ORCA Tripping 3



Physical Difficulty:

Moderate difficulty. Long days paddling canoe. Participant must be comfortable in water with lifejacket.

What is Included:

Food (Tripping 2 part only), Canoe, paddle, lifejacket, instruction

What is Not Included:

Personal Camping Equipment, transportation and camping fees You will need to bring food for the 2 day Moving water and 1 day Style Paddling part of the course. There will be opportunities to go shopping during the week.

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